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Hunters' Lease

4.2 ( 1712 ratings )
Спорт Навигация
Разработчик TikiHut Software, LLC
1.99 USD

Do you have a hunting lease? Do you have deer stands? Do others hunt on your hunting lease? Well now you can know where all the deer stands are located and make sure theyre far enough apart for the best hunting experience.

Hunters Lease for iPhone assists in managing a hunting lease with many member hunters that have deer stands, feeders, and harvests.
A map showing the hunting lease boundary is created by the lease administrator. The hunting lease boundary may be created by physically traversing the hunting lease boundary and placing "way points" on the map or manually, without being at the physical hunting lease location, by holding your finger on the screen for a moment to generate a "way point".
The administrator and hunting lease members can locate their deer stands, feeders, and harvests on the map and place a pin for each. This can be done at the physical location by letting the app locate you on the map or manually by just touching the map for a moment where the deer stand, feeder, or harvest is located.
Deer stands can be shown with an encompassing circle of a known radius to verify the distance between deer stands. This is very important to know that deer stands are not too close to each other.
The hunting lease administrator may invite hunters to join the lease, as members, by using their eMail address in his contact list.
The lease members can see each others deer stands, feeders, and harvests on the map.
A lease member may also allow his location to be shown on the lease map so other members will know where he may be on the hunting lease.

Note: This app can use locations services, using GPS, in the background to track your location, if you chose to do so.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.